G-Metal® Self-lubricating Material

G-Metal is a maintenance free, self-lubricating high performance sliding material. The metallic matrix of tin bronze, iron, iron-nickel-copper, nickel-copper-iron or nickel is impregnated with solid lubricants such as graphite. Glebus Alloys offers both Solid Metal (GSM) and bimetallic (GBM) solutions. Bimetallic products are made of stainless, low carbon steel backing or bronze covered with a sintered sliding layer.

Sintering technology allows for the construction and manufacturing of a wide range of complex shapes with consistent self-lubricating properties throughout the whole lifecycle of the critical moving parts. G-Metal based materials provide reliable and high-performance no-grease solutions for demanding industrial applications.

G-Metal metallic matrix contains uniformly distributed solid lubricants. Choosing the type of base materials as well as kind of the solid lubricant is defined by the desired physical, environmental and chemical conditions of each particular application.

GSM Structure

Solid Metal

Metallic matrix; bronze, nickel or iron-base
Solid lubricant; graphite, MoS2

GBM Structure

    optionally with running-in film applied
    bronze matrix (yellow color)
    with embedded solid lubricant (dark areas)
    steel or bronze

Product range

Majority of our products is custom made. No order is too small. Following to the powder metallurgy manufacturing, battery of computer controlled 5–axes milling machines, lathes, grinding centers, drilling and bending machines allow for variability and custom designed production from 1 piece to thousands.

Our products include bushings, bearings, sliding plates, wear material made of wide variety of solid and bimetallic materials

GSM and GBM bushing

GSM and GBM plates

Guiding elements

Critical Applications Advantages

Sintered self–lubricating material containing graphite as solid lubricant uniformly distributed throughout the metallic matrix work at its best at demanding applications.

  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Inexpensive serviceability – easy and fast to replace
  • Suitable for intermittent movements
  • Allowing for enormous variability in shapes and sizes
  • Great emergency running properties
  • Performing particularly well in wet environments
  • No water absorption, maximum dimensional accuracy and stability
  • High load endurance offering superb wear resistance
  • High pressure and heat resistance of up to 650°C
  • Extremely good lubrication properties at temperatures as low as –200°C
  • Removing fire hazard by eliminating grease

Environmentally Friendly

Self-Lubricating metal-based plain bearings, bushings and sliding plates with evenly dispersed microscopic graphite particles provide unique benefits in critical applications where potential oil or lead contamination needs to be avoided while low friction movement is required. Their lead-free and oil-free composition makes no threat to the environment or to the processed substances such as food, beverages, rubber, water etc.